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    Obesity specialists
    Obesity specialists
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Reduit is the only medical treatment specialized in obesity and overweight with the highest standards in quality and service in weight control, has the highest technology to merge conventional medicine with specialized treatments in body shaping and relaxation, It also has the most extensive experience in intravenous treatments such as vitamin C in megadoses and multivitamins, which today are of great importance to modern medicine, these solutions are of vital importance as they stimulate the immune system, help fight cancer, revitalize and rehydrate, among many other functions.

In Reduit we have more than 15 years of experience in metabolic disorders, taking into account that today there is a pandemic (international epidemic) and that we are the second place in the world in obesity, 7 out of 10 Mexicans have weight problems.



The InBody is a diagnostic instrument for anthropometric measurement which can measure the amount of bone, protein, water by segments, visceral fat, muscle by segments, fat by segments, fat percentage, body mass index, among others, and thus after the evaluation issue a prognosis and define a more specific treatment for each patient.

InBody does NOT use statistically based results (like most devices), InBody analyzes actual body composition.

Most equipment does not guarantee reproducibility and accuracy of results. InBody has overcome these limitations with its great technology.


In Reduit is of utmost importance, so our nursing staff is in continuous training to provide optimal service unlike other clinics in which they are performed by people without training and without quality standards. At Reduit we have high-end equipment that is renewed every year so that the intensity is always the same and the results are superior.


Know your Body Mass Index, enter your height in centimeters and weight in kilograms.



Your BMI is
  • Normal Weight: 18.5 to 24.9

  • Overweight grade I: 25 to 26.9

  • Overweight grade II (preobesity): 27 to 29.9

  • Obesity type I: 30 to 34.9

  • Obesity type II: 35 to 39.9

  • Obesity type III (morbid): 40 to 49.9

  • Obesity type IV (extreme): 50+

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