The pandemic of the 21st century (Obesity)

This of course triggers a series of events and eating disorders that can lead us to lose the rhythm of good nutrition or even worsen it when we have not yet started one, by that I mean that during a pandemic or some catastrophic event that prevents us from going outside, so many things go through our minds and so much uncertainty that lead us to cause these unpleasant sensations of uncontrolled appetite. Satiety as well as the whole central nervous system are controlled by the hypothalamus, which in moments of crisis can become tragic and can be confused when it is really hunger? or when it is anxiety? we lack self-control precisely because we are programmed that way, we are beings that at the slightest provocation we react, but how does our mind work? Well it is easy, we react to stimuli that produce a good amount of endorphins, which can change the mood of people, however we do not realize that there are other ways to produce them, such as:  exercise, sex, music, laughter, meditation, massage, yoga, etc., but of course we take the one that seems easiest and that we have in the kitchen, "food" and is that human beings always look for the easy way out or rather the wrong door, we try to flatten the stress curve with the most harmful means, as happens when we take refuge in drugs, if we want to be more objective, we always fall into the most addictive and that kills more people a year over cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines together, the famous REFINED SUGAR, the cause of more than 24 thousand deaths a year in Mexico, and the main source of Diabetes Mellitus type II by which more than 120 thousand Mexicans die every 365 days, so we must be more aware and when we are at home think if we lock ourselves to avoid the pandemic of a virus, having a pandemic at home that is a public health problem in our country for many years and everyone ignores.

Obesity and overweight are not only fashionable diseases, they are progressive diseases that must be stopped precisely at home. The trend in prevalence in Mexico has been increasing in recent years, since it was present in 21% in adults in 1994 has grown in recent decades reaching 72% at present, elevating worrying, as more and more companies are producing food CHATARRA and seems to have no brake, adding that our economy is down and this type of disease accounts for 5.3% of GDP in Mexico.

There is another pandemic at home, but there are also methods to avoid it from within, and I always ask them And you, how many years do you want to live?