What to do with flaccidity after losing weight?

Flaccidity is the loss of tone in the skin as a result of the loss of firmness of the tissue due to the decrease or weakness of the support fibers (collagen and elastin).

Currently there is a lot of information on the networks, however there is also misinformation that manages to confuse us or accentuate street ideologies, that is why in a thorough investigation in different search engines, I gave myself the task of seeking reliable information about whether sagging can be eliminated with any effective method; And as I assumed, the internet is overflowing with unsubstantiated information, however, as a doctor and with the experience of more than 15 years in the effective treatment of obesity and overweight I have observed closely more than 15,000 cases of weight loss of which more than 90% require an adjustment or retraction of the skin. The number one technique but not the safest is surgical, which despite having excellent results in most cases, is still an unnecessary risk of surgery, however I must accept that being a very effective method and that helps many people to regain their confidence to put on a bikini or swimsuit, is a technique that I would use in my person in a case of consideration. 

Most of my patients at least once have asked me about various techniques or various products for skin tightening, most if not all of them are always misleading products that were usually sold to them by an acquaintance or acquaintance which lack even labeling or information, homemade techniques such as wrapping in plastic, techniques of some aesthetics that boasts of reductive massages, bandages or molded with mud, exercises or equipment recommended by trainers who have no support or scientific basis and countless myths that are unfounded, however all swear to you that they work.

Based on my experience and with fundamentals, I can assert that there are few remedies that can help you with this great challenge, since the skin is an extensive organ that once it is stretched and loses its ability to restructure by losing large amounts of collagen and elastin is very difficult to return it to its place.

If what you have lost is a significant amount of collagen, there are ways to regenerate it and one of the most current and with better results is vitamin C, as it is an important antioxidant, anti oxygen free radicals and plays an important role in the neo-formation or new formation of collagen. Vitamin C can be administered in different ways, either intravenously, orally or even by means of a cream that contains it, this would be an excellent option for its regeneration in the medium term.

It is also well known that a less delayed and very effective way is with the clinical apparatus, being one of the most important the corporal Radiofrequency, however this depends a lot on the type of apparatus that is used, since there are thousands of pseudo-Clinics or even aesthetic that offer these services without quality controls and that do not count with a medical supervision. The frequencies in which a radiofrequency works and the technique of how to apply it are fundamental, so it is important to go to clinics that have professional equipment and trained personnel, since today anyone can buy an inexpensive device without any training and start to provide this service. They also offer multiple weekly sessions in an attempt to sell more sessions, making this even less effective, since the rest of the skin should be at least one week in the treated area.

Regarding exercise, there is a lot of confusion with the fact that the skin can return to its place by formalizing what they call toning exercises and that is where I differ sharply, as the only function that can become beneficial for this is in a person who seeks to fill the excessive skin that was stretched due to the large amount of fat with muscle, And of course it is possible, however this would be uncommon in women, besides it would be very difficult in any gender to try to fill everything with muscle, however many bet on trying to retract the skin with this technique obtaining null results.

The best way to achieve extraordinary results with some of the aforementioned supports is to formalize a balanced diet rich in: Soy, fruits rich in vitamin C, gelatin, green vegetables, tomato, foods rich in omega 3 (such as salmon), almonds, peanuts etc, and of course hydration, since the skin must be well hydrated because the most superficial layer of the skin, the stratum corneum, has a percentage of water between 10 and 20%. In the dermis there is an extracellular matrix in which water is present that allows the skin to be turgid, so that levels below 10% make the skin fragile, rough and less shiny.

Continuity in the treatment of obesity is of utmost importance, since after improving health and getting rid of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, we must attend to the psycho-affective state.