Liposonix is a non-invasive body remodeling treatment that works with thermal ultrasound technology. This ensures that the heating reaches the deep fat by decreasing, in a single session, centimeters of the body silhouette in addition to recovering the elasticity and tension of the skin. Liposonix for its heating capacity that reaches 56ºC in a second and its depth of action exceeding 1.3 cm distributes heating of adipose tissue evenly, inducing changes in deep structures without damaging the most external.

The thermal action of Liposonix causes:

  • Denaturing of connective tissue fibres.
  • Shrinkage of all layers of fatty tissue.
  • Increased density and thickness of the dermis.
  • Increased collagen synthesis with tissue reconstruction and increased skin tension by increased collagen fibers and elastic fibers decreasing cellulite nodules.

It is recommended for people who do not want to lose weight, but rather centimeters or localized fat from certain parts of their body such as flanks, cartridges and abdomen. Treatment is done in 1 single session, about 30 - 60 minutes depending on the area to be treated and the recovery process is practically immediate, although bruises may appear, but if the patient wants a greater reduction, the treatment can be repeated after the 3 months necessary for the total elimination of the destroyed cellular waste. During treatment you may feel a tingling or itching, but very mild, without major consequences and its maximum results are observed between 8 and 12 weeks.

Areas where Liposonix can be applied.

Diagrama Liposonix