Mesotherapy is a painless technique medicine treatment, which helps to reduce cellulite by eliminating adipose tissue clusters and lose weight by removing localized fat bags, dissolves fat thanks to levocarnitine injection which is then removed through the urine.

Levocarnitine is a natural constituent of the human organism that participates in the processes of fat utilization and energy metabolism, this is an amino acid that helps us transport fats from our body to the mitochondrial cell to transform it into ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate) or in other words energy for our body that we generate daily.

This procedure is based on the application of microinjections on the skin that are applied directly, acting at three different levels:

  • Cellular: stimulates adipocytes to release the fat they contain.
  • Vascular: favors local and systemic microcirculation.
  • Lymphatic: facilitates lymphatic drainage of accumulated toxins.

When the body uses high doses of carnitine, it favors the use of fats to be transformed into energy instead of using sugars. This process causes a loss of fat in the body. While reducing muscle fatigue and recovery time after exercise.

Mesotherapy procedures do not require local anesthesia, is painless and has no adverse effects, except a slight redness and inflammation of the skin where microinjections are applied.