This is an innovate treatment, non-surgical way to contour your body, tightening your skin and gradually eliminating cellulite with the exclusive VelaShape machine. VelaShape helps reducing and gradually eliminating the flaccidity of the skin, it is not a weight loss treatment, but you can lose a few founds in the process.

State of celulite

VelaShape combines infrared light, bipolar radio frequency energy and vacuum effect to intensely heat fat cells, surrounding connective tissue and underlying dermal collage fibers.

During your treatment a special oil is applied to your skin and then specialized nurse will pass the applicator all over the area doing firm movements. These movements combined with the VelaShape technologies will help smooth and terse the skin.

You may feel or experience sensations of pulling, tingling, or pressing temporarily, these sensations typically subside within seconds as the applicator passes. Afterwards, patients are usually able to return to their normal activities. In the weeks that follow, the body naturally process and eliminates these dead fat cells.

Results may be seen as early as 2 to 4 months after the treatment.

Areas where VelaShape can be applied.

Diagrama VelaShape

Before and After

Before and After VelaShape

Before and After VelaShape